Lisa Wisler of Katikati School wrote:   Earlier in the term I began using your Early Words programme with one of our Year 1 children, who had no known words when tested at the beginning of this year. She was making very, very slow progress. An extremely timid, quiet Pacifica girl, who a few months down the track has blossomed into a confident and extremely proud young lady, who could give any adult a run for their money when it comes to speed reading all 48 words in Early Words. What a

The Learn your alphabet sounds - New Zealand version app release has been delayed. This is because we have had to change app developers. Sometimes tech people don’t understand what a child can and cannot do and we didn’t want to put out an app with problems. So we had to draw a line under the project with the developer and find another one who could ensure children can successfully use it. This has meant starting the tech side from scratch and this has delayed the release considerably. We are now

Some great news! Thanks to finding a cheaper manufacture, we have been able to reduce the price of various products we produce including the letter/mnemonic cards, alphabet wall frieze and playdough mats. If you have an old printed version of our catalogue please compare prices on our website before placing an order.

Anyone at the beginning stage of learning to read may benefit from Early Words. Both children from four and a half years of age and adults have used the programme successfully to launch into literacy. Typical Early Words users are Junior School children, such as New Entrants, to give them a head start into literacy. Other users include low progress readers, learners with special needs and readers who can read the words but not fluently. Early Words has also been successfully taught by parents to many four and a half year