a phonics intervention programme

A phonics intervention programme that reinforces previous phonics teaching and works at the pace of the individual learner. In BUZZ, the phonics stages are broken down into many small sections which are revised/retaught in short daily lessons five minute one on one lessons delivered by a teacher, teacher aide or helper. Students have to work through the sections to complete the BUZZ stage and thus be allowed to hit the buzzer and earn a certificate of completion.


The Programme

For students who require more practice and extra opportunities for over learning in phonics.


Training webinar

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Teaching videos

Watch the BUZZ lessons.

How to get

How to buy the BUZZ manual and special package offers.

Key programme features

BUZZ lessons are explicit and follow an order and sequence of progression.

Learning is broken down into many small achievable bites.

There are clear levels to work through to achieve the end goal of hitting the buzzer.

Children chart their own progress and learn at their own pace.

It is a success-oriented programme.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

The lessons are short and regular.

Children come to the lessons excited and motivated to learn.

Because the lessons are so short (5 minutes), they are more easily fitted into the busy school day.

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