Early Words Guided Readers

Set Four

Set Four of the Early Words Readers feature the next set of words in the Early Words programme.

These stories are level 2/3 -3 (Magenta 2/Red 1) readers.

Includes discussion points and a follow up activity.

Level: 2/3 – 3
High frequency words: on, up, and, down, We, we, are, in, going,

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#1: Tomato Sauce

Kiri’s dad likes putting tomato sauce on everything he eats. So does Kiri – well, not quite everything.

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 130
  • High frequency word: on
#2: Dad Can Climb

Pippa and her dad go to the playground where there are lots of things to climb on. Dad finds it is a lot easier to climb up than climb down.

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 139
  • High frequency word: up
#3: Toast Day

It’s Toast Day at school. The children have fun trying out different toppings to see which combinations taste good when put together. But the teacher makes the weirdest topping combinations of them all.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 131
  • High frequency word: and
#4: The Fun Park

Sefa and dad go to a fun park to enjoy exciting rides such as the roller coaster and the log flume. But one of them starts to feel queasy.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 146
  • High frequency word: down
#5: The Trampoline

Sefa’s family have got a new trampoline and they all want to go on it. Sefa jumps a little too high.

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 97
  • High frequency word: revision book
#6: At the Park

Ashok and his mum go to the park together. Mum has an advantage when it is time to go home.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 82
  • High frequency word: We/we
#7:  Are Cats or Dogs Best?

Are cats or dogs best? To answer this question Ashok and Pippa show us the marvellous things that Billi the cat and Spud the dog can do.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 144
  • High frequency word: are
#8: Making a Chocolate Cake

The children are making a chocolate cake at school today. By following the recipe they learn what to do to bake a delicious chocolate cake. Recipe included.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 77
  • High frequency word: in
#9: Belly Flop

The class are going to have an exciting day at the pools. But Pippa’s dive turns into a belly flop!

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 111
  • High frequency word: going
#10: Lost in Space

The children fly into space on their playground rocket. But finding their way back to Earth isn’t easy when they lose their space map.

  • Level: 3
  • Running words: 133
  • High frequency word: revision book

Downloadable set four activities

These downloadable activity sheets go with each story in this series.

#1 Tomato Sauce
[ddownload id=”15295″]

#2 Dad Can Climb
[ddownload id=”15296″]

#3 Toast Day
[ddownload id=”15297″]

#4 The Fun Park
[ddownload id=”15298″]

#5 The Trampoline
[ddownload id=”15299″]

#6 At the Park
[ddownload id=”15300″]

#7 Are Cats or Dogs Best?
[ddownload id=”15301″]

#8 Making a Chocolate Cake
[ddownload id=”15302″]

#9 Belly Flop
[ddownload id=”15303″]

#10 Lost in Space
[ddownload id=”15305″]

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