Early Words Readers

An excellent classroom addition

The Early Words Readers are the perfect guided reading books to support your beginning readers.

The stories revolve around the everyday lives of four multicultural key characters – Pippa, Sefa, Ashok and Kiri – their friends, families, neighbourhood and school. Children love seeing the same characters again and again throughout the stories. This feature, plus the captivating illustrations and humorous stories, make them so appealing to the young reader.

A unique feature of the Early Words Readers is that each book builds on what has come before. There is an order to the books. So, if you learn a new word in one book, you will see it again in subsequent books. This helps reinforce the learning and book by book, builds confidence and skills.

The stories explore themes familiar to most five-year-olds such as family and school life, playing, imaginary adventures and animal friends. Kids love them!

Key features

• multicultural characters
• humorous
• one new sight word introduced per book
• sequential
• appealing character driven stories
• lots of decodable words
• discussion pointers and follow on activity suggestions included
• free downloadable posters and activity sheets
• a cohesive system of guided reading books for the Magenta and early Red (1-5) reading levels

Perfect for group guided reading and/or to support pupils on the Early Words programme. Watch Yolanda explain how to use the guided readers. (Click on the dots below to shuffle through).

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