Early Words Guided Readers

Set Five

Set Five of the Early Words Readers feature the next set of words in the Early Words programme.

These stories are level 3 – 5 (Red 1-3) readers.

Includes discussion points and a follow up activity.

High frequency words: said, You, you, it, It, was, They, they, Come, come, saw, them

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#1: The Night Sky

Kiri and Mum go to the park to see the sky at night. Stars, comets, meteors and the moon put on a beautiful show for them.

  • Level: 4
  • Running words: 123
  • High frequency word: said
#2: At the Animal Sanctuary

The animals and children become good friends at the animal sanctuary.

  • Level: 4/5
  • Running words: 140
  • High frequency word: You/you
#3: The School Garden

The class have fun growing, harvesting and cooking the produce in the school garden. But it is more fun to eat it! Includes a link to the soup recipe that the children cook in the story.

  • Level: 4/5
  • Running words: 104
  • High frequency word: it/It
#4: Sefa’s Bunk Bed

Sefa needs a new bed, but which bed will he choose?

  • Level: 5
  • Running words: 111
  • High frequency word: was
#5: Under the Sea

It’s fun going under the sea in a submarine. Watch out for the shark!

  • Level: 4/5
  • Running words: 110
  • High frequency word: revision book
#6: Super Dress Ups

Dressing up as superheroes, the children use their imagination to show off their powers.

  • Level: 5
  • Running words: 130
  • High frequency word: They/they
#7:  How would you like to come to school?

The class come up with some exciting ways to come to school.

  • Level: 4/5
  • Running words: 135
  • High frequency word: Come/come
#8: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Pippa dreams she is Goldilocks and meets the three bears. Includes a link to an audio recording of the story.

  • Level: 5/6
  • Running words: 133
  • High frequency word: saw
#9: The New Neighbours

Ashok and Mum welcome their new neighbours and help them move in.

  • Level: 4/5
  • Running words: 77
  • High frequency word: them
#10: The Treehouse

Sefa tells his little sister she is too little to climb up to the treehouse. She shows him she is not.

  • Level: 5
  • Running words: 111
  • High frequency word: revision book

Downloadable set five activities

These downloadable activity sheets go with each story in this series.

#1 The Night Sky
[ddownload id=”19604″]

#2 At the Animal Sanctuary
[ddownload id=”19605″]

#3 The School Garden
[ddownload id=”19627″]

#4 Sefa’s Bunk Bed
[ddownload id=”19607″]

#5 Under the Sea
[ddownload id=”19712″]

#6 Super Dress Ups
[ddownload id=”19714″]

#7 How would you like to come …
[ddownload id=”19608″]

#8 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
[ddownload id=”19609″]

Listen to the Goldilocks story

#9 The New Neighbours
[ddownload id=”19611″]

#10 The Treehouse
[ddownload id=”19612″]

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