Early Words Guided Readers

Set Three

Set Three of the Early Words Readers feature the next set of words in the Early Words programme. These stories are level 2/3 (Magenta 2) readers.

Includes discussion points and a follow up activity.

Level: 2/3
High frequency words: my, My, __s (after high frequency words), __s (after nouns), little, big, This, this, went
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#1: Cuddles

Like most kids, Pippa loves cuddles. She enjoys sharing heartfelt affection with her parents, friends, teacher and particularly her faithful, happy-go-lucky companion, Spud!

  • Level: 2
  • Running words: 91
  • High frequency word: my
#2: The Cake Stall

Our characters enjoy their favourite cakes at the school cake stall but one cake ends up in the sandpit!

  • Level: 2
  • Running words: 91
  • High frequency word: My
#3: Stickers

Some teachers enjoy giving stickers to their students as a reward for great work or good behaviour. We find out which stickers Pippa, Ashok, Kiri, Sefa, Jack and Sun receive and what they stick them on.

  • Level: 2
  • Running words: 115
  • High frequency word: likes looks
#4: My Best Toys

Ashok has an exciting collection of brightly coloured toys in his toy box and loves to get them out to look and play with them. He shows us his favourite dinosaur, train, car and other toys but someone else has their eyes on his favourite toys too!

  • Level: 2
  • Running words: 108
  • High frequency word: __s (after nouns)
#5: The Toy Garage

Sefa likes to play with the toy garage at school. It has plenty of exciting vehicles to choose from too! We watch as he drives around the motorbike, campervan and truck and re-fuels the car, but then is challenged when he discovers a train.

  • Level: 2
  • Running words: 88
  • High frequency word: My
#6: Big Sister, Little Sister

Sefa’s big sister is washing their family car at home with help from her little sister. Her little sister however, is having much more fun washing her bigger sister with a sponge and soapy water… and then she finds the hose!

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 118
  • High frequency word: big
#7: My School is Cool

Ashok has lots of reasons to be proud of his school and he thinks it is very cool too! We get a lovely guided tour around his school as he explains what makes his library, classroom, hall, office and playground cool. Thanks Ashok.

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 111
  • High frequency word: This
#8: Playing With Dinosaurs

The children are at school and are looking in awe at a box of toy dinosaurs. Pippa, Jack, Kiri, Ashok, Sefa and Sun choose their favourite dinosaurs and imagine how they use to drink eat, sleep and run!

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 106
  • High frequency word: this
#9: Scaring Dad

Ashok, Pippa, Sefa and Kiri decide to have some fun by dressing up as scary-looking animals and knock on Dad’s door. Dad is certainly not expecting to find a scary bat, rat or spider at the door. Boo!

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 127
  • High frequency word: went
#10: Sniff

Every dogs love to sniff at things and Spud is no exception! In this beautifully illustrated revision book, we follow Spud on the hot trail of lots of interesting smells and scents at his home, in the park, at the beach and outside a store. Go Spud!

  • Level: 2/3
  • Running words: 143
  • High frequency word: revision book
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