From children

The best part about BUZZ is that it is a challenge. You have to work through the levels and it feels so good when you get one. My favourite thing to do in BUZZ is writing the letters in the boxes – first, middle and last. This has helped my writing.



Doing the reading sheets was the hardest part but also the best part of BUZZ because when I get the level, I feel so good.



BUZZ is good because I get the ticks.



My three best things about BUZZ are the writing, when I get to tick the star and hitting the buzzer.


From teachers

I’m so thrilled with the progress my little people have made while on the programme, and it has done wonders for their self confidence too!

My students are so enthusiastic about coming for their Buzz sessions. They really enjoy being able to see their progress as they climb towards the buzzer! Teachers can see the increased confidence these students have back in the classroom, and they appreciate the short, sharp lesson timings.

Jackie Marvin, Matarau School

BUZZ is a fun, fast and functional programme that is appealing to our tamariki, teachers and teacher aides. It provides phonological support for those who need it, with proven results in our Reading and Writing assessments. We also see the transfer of new knowledge from BUZZ to our Reading Recovery students which is a bonus! Thank you, Yolanda, for creating a smart programme that can be added easily into the school day.

Mel Lane, Waitara East School

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