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The BUZZ course

Our BUZZ training is aimed at those teaching the BUZZ programme to students requiring more practice and extra opportunities for over learning in phonics. BUZZ is quick, fun, motivating and helps students meet with success. Our BUZZ training webinar will teach you what you need to know to get BUZZing in your school.


The BUZZ training covers:

• how to teach the BUZZ programme
• implementing the programme


This training course is offered as a live webinar (3 hours) or in-person (2 hours).


The BUZZ Manual

You don’t need the BUZZ manual to do the course, but you will need it to implement the programme afterwards. Course participants are offered a $5 discount. (To use this discount, please click the link to the offer in your course reminder email.)

The BUZZ manual has all you need to deliver the programme with:

• full instructions
• QR codes for videoed lessons
• photocopiable activity sheets for Stages 2-4, (can be photocopied in either colour or B&W)
• certificates
• progress charts
• assessments

Course instructor

This course is taken by Yolanda Soryl. For more information about Yolanda, you can read her biography here.

What you need to know

DOWNLOAD ZOOM: Our webinars use Zoom so if you have not used Zoom before download and install the App. DOWNLOAD NOW


GUIDE TO USING ZOOM: We offer many helpful ways how to use Zoom during our webinars as well as common troubleshooting tips. VIEW ZOOM GUIDE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email (check spam folder). This email will contain the link to access the webinar but you must also then register in Zoom to confirm your place prior to the day.


ON THE DAY: Click on the link in the email 10-15 minutes prior to the course start time. This is especially important so we have time to team up people from the same schools for the chat rooms.



• pen and paper
• course materials
• headphones (optional)


COURSE MATERIALS: We will email a PDF containing training materials you will need to print for use during the webinar. For those unable to access a printer you can either  1) email us with your address and we will post or 2) draft handwritten equivalents on paper to use on the day.


ON THE DAY: 15 minutes before the webinar, login using the link sent when you pre-registered. This allows us to allocate you into a breakout room. Be ready to go at 1pm sharp!


WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING: We will record the webinar and send you a private link. Access is usually one week however this will be extended until one month after the book is available so you can refer back to the webinar if you decide to purchase the book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]

Having problems with Zoom?


If your are experiencing any problems or difficulties when using Zoom please click here.



Please notify us as soon as possible and see our cancellation policy regarding course withdrawals and refunds.



Course participants
1) If a participant is unable to attend, we encourage sending a replacement. To be entitled to a full refund, we must receive written notification no less than 7 days of the course.

2) If a participant withdrawals within 7 days of the course, they will not be eligible for a refund unless there are exceptional circumstances. In these cases, we may accept a full or partial refund.

3) If a registered participant fails to attend a course, nor gives any prior notification, they will not be eligible for any refund.

For withdrawals or changes, please contact [email protected]. Enrolment in a course constitutes acceptance of our terms, conditions and policies.


While course cancellations are rare, we guarantee a full refund on all courses. Refunds would be made within 14 days unless you request to transfer the funds towards a future course.

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, course cancellations would be notified by email and/or telephone to the person responsible for the booking no less than 21 days prior to the course date.


Payment Terms

1) Payments not made at the time of booking are required to be paid by the 20th of the month following date of invoice.

2) If paying by direct debit, please use the invoice number as a reference when making payment.

3) If you require an extension to pay please contact us immediately as overdue accounts are passed on to our debt collection agency with all collection costs being added to the account.

If you have an account inquiry, please email Carolyn Brown.

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