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Early Words course

The Early Words programme teaches children at their level, in one-on-one five-minute fun daily lessons, a basic sight-reading vocabulary. In Early Words, children learn how to learn.

Our video training course will break the teaching of the Early Words lesson down for you into small bites. Step-by-step, you will be taught the components of the programme and how to effectively teach them.


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In this course, you will learn all about Early Words and how to effectively teach the programme to your child or student.

Our Early Words online video training course is designed for anyone working with children at the very beginning stages of reading and using the Early Words programme to teach the first reading words. The course covers all the learning covered in an in-person Early Words course or live webinar.

The online video format of this course allows you to self-pace your learning and make it work with when and where you want to learn.

Suitable for teachers, teacher aides, parents, volunteer reading helpers, SENCOs, RTLits and RTLBs.

The training covers:

  • theory about learning sight words
  • how to teach the Early Words programme
  • implementing the programme

The Early Words Manual

You don’t need the Early Words manual to do the course, but you will need it to implement the programme afterwards. On buying the course, you will be sent a discount code to use if you want to purchase the manual.

The Early Words manual has all you need to deliver the programme with:
• full instructions
• QR codes for videoed lessons
• photocopiable activity sheets
• certificates
• progress charts
• assessments

What’s included?

• access to view the five online training course videos. (total viewing time of 2 hours, 40 minutes).

• one month (30 days) access to view the videos with an option available to extend the viewing time for a small cost.

• you can rewind, fast forward and can view it multiple times over the course of the month.

• course materials:  a handout PDF and a word cards PDF for use in the course exercises. (Please note the Early Words manual is not included.)

• a certificate for completing the course

• a discount offer to buy the Early Words manual

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Terms of use

By buying access to this on demand video course, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1) Once purchased, you have one month (30 days) from the date of purchase to complete this online course. You are able to rewind, fast forward and can view it multiple times over the course of the month.

2) The listed price is based on single person viewing only. If you do wish to undertake the course with others, you must each individually buy access to it, even if you are viewing it together. We offer discounts for group viewing.

3) Sharing any of the course content and/or log-in details is prohibited with anyone who has not bought access to the course themselves.

4) You may not record, copy, store or distribute this course or any part of it on any website where either you or others are able to retrieve it electronically. For example, Dropbox, Facebook, You Tube or slide-sharing sites.

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