Alphabet Wall Frieze


Available as a PDF or a laminated set.

For children learning the alphabet, it can be confusing having both upper and lower-case letters on a wall frieze. No wonder they mix up lower and upper-case letters in their writing. A lower-case only alphabet wall frieze allows children to learn the lower-case letters first and make them ingrained.

Our colourful wall display showcases these lower-case letters with their matching mnemonic pictures. The images are uncluttered with lots of white space. This is helpful for learners struggling with visual discrimination who can find many teaching resources visually overwhelming.

• 26 letters and mnemonics
• Includes two ‘k’ options (straight and curly)
• Colourful uncluttered images
• Choose from A5 or A4 size

Watch Yolanda explain why we should prioritise the teaching of the lower case letters in this Don’t teach the capital letters! video.

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