DIY Phonics Kit: Extra Stage 4 & Pre-Stage 5 (A5)


Professionally produced word cards for you to make your own DIY Extra Stage 4 and Pre-Stage 5 kit. Includes lesson instructions and indexed tab cards. Handy for teachers needing more time bridging tamariki between Stages 4 and 5.

• Receive pdf files containing 265 printable A4 pages
• Makes 430 word cards and 43 tab/index cards
• Professionally designed
• Final cut size is A5
• Each stage conveniently key coded with tab set


Extra Stage 4 word sets include 3 sets of word cards for each vowel. For e.g. words that rhyme with bun, words that rhyme with nut etc.

Pre-Stage 5 words are CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC words such as frog, pink, splash etc. Use these sets after Stage 4 to teach the tamariki how to hear and record every sound in a word with more than three phonemes before hitting Stage 5 properly. It eases them in and prepares them for what is coming at Stage 5.

Extra Stage 4: use these word cards for extra practice of the vowels in CVC words.
Pre-Stage 5: use these word cards with words with more than 3 sounds as preparation for Stage 5.



Please note files are only able to be downloaded a maximum of 3 times. We advise that when you download the pdfs that you immediately save them to your own device.

Purchasing Yolanda Soryl Literacy digital products entitles the buyer to print ONE SET for educational purposes only. If the original set is lost or damaged the buyer may reprint any replacement cards or tab sets as deemed necessary. Sharing, copying and editing these PDF files is strictly forbidden.

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Extra Stage 4 – 121 word cards
Pre-Stage 5 – 309 word cards

After downloading the files, please allow several hours to print, cut and laminate a full kit of cards and tab cards.

N.B. We have no plans to make the physical kits to buy at this point but please let us know if this interests you and we will see if we can make it happen.

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