Phonics Kit: Stages 1-4 (A5)


Professionally produced picture and word cards for Stages 1-4 that comes packed in a handcrafted sturdy wooden box. Kit includes lesson instructions and a full set of indexed tab cards.

• contains 256 cards and 52 index tab cards and instructions
• professionally printed on laminated quality card
• A5 sized cards with rounded edges with full colour images
• colour coded tabs and index
• 100% New Zealand made
• large easy to use word cards
• clear lesson instructions

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8 placements available


Stage 1 – 49 picture cards
Stage 2 – 145 picture cards *
Stage 3 – 12 picture cards
Stage 4 – 5 key word picture cards and 45 word cards

Also available to purchase as PDF files to make your own sets but please note it takes many hours and expense to print, cut and laminate a full kit of cards and tab cards.

* Please note this kit does not include the Letter and Mnemonic cards or the Phonics Words (PW) cards for Stage 2. We sell separately both the Letter and Mnemonic cards and the Phonics Words (PW) cards for the Yolanda Soryl Stage 2 mnemonics, but not for other schemes such as Jolly Phonics or Letterland. Please contact these scheme providers directly for these resources.

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