Phonics Kit empty box: Early Phonics OR Mini Phonics


A choice of a handcrafted wooden box or black buckram box.

Perfect for your safe storage of your A7-sized mini phonics cards or other A7 resources. New Zealand made.

A handcrafted sturdy box, custom made for the safe storage for the DIY Mini Kit: Stages 2-4 or Early Phonics kit: Stages 1-3.

Choice of either a wooden box with a hinged lid or the black buckram box with a magnetic closing lid.

Note: If making a DIY Mini or Early Phonics kit, when trimming the cards to size, you must trim to the edge of the card (no laminated border) otherwise they will not fit inside the box.



Wooden box

Width inside: 10cms,  Outside: 12.5cms

Length inside: 15cms, Outside 18cms

Height inside: 8cms, Outside: 10.5cms

Black Buckram box

Width inside: 10cms,  Outside: 11cms

Length inside: 15.5cms, Outside 16.5cms

Height inside: 8cms, Outride: 9cms

Both boxes can store either the Early or Mini Phonics Kit cards.

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