Early Words


This book will help you teach your child or pupil how to learn and recall quickly a basic reading vocabulary of high frequency words. These words, often commonly referred to as ‘sight words,’ make up a high percentage of all reading. In fact, there are only 100 words that make up half of all reading. So the faster a child learns a basic sight word reading vocabulary, the more helpful it is for their reading

This manual covers the first 48 high frequency words. The first half of the book covers words at Magenta level (reading levels 1 and 2). The second half of the book teaches words at Red level (levels 3-5). These words have been selected as the words that have the most pay-off for early readers i.e. the words that are the most useful to learn first. Once children know these words, they are well on their way in developing the skills needed to learn words and will more quickly acquire other words when they are reading.

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Author: Yolanda Soryl
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Yolanda Soryl Literacy, 2010 (11th edition March 2020)

• Includes photocopiable worksheets and certificates
• Learn the first 48 high frequency words

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