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Make teaching easier with these handy pocket sized laminated mnemonic cards for the Stage 2 phonics lessons. These mnemonics cards have rounded corners for ease of handling and come in a useful cotton drawstring bag. They have the story for the letter sound, an alliterative sentence and an action for each letter.

The mnemonics match our range of alphabet resources: Letter/Mnemonic Cards, Playdough Mats, Alphabet Wall Frieze and the Phonics Word (PW) Card.

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• 29 pocket sized cards (13.5cm x 10.5cm)
• Laminated set
• Printed full colour
• Visually engaging
• Comes in a handy cloth bag for convenient and safe storage Our bags are ethically sourced, biodegradable at the end of life and offer a convenient and safe way to store your mnemonic cards.

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