Smart Tray Starter Pack

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Unsure where to begin with using a Smart Tray?  Take advantage of our easy starter pack offer to try it out.

Buy the Smart Tray and add either the Early Accelerator Set 2 and/or Number Accelerator Set 2 for just $5 each!

A Smart Tray be used with any Accelerator card set. Once you have tried it out using this starter pack offer, you can go on to choose any other of the Accelerator options to use the Smart Tray with.

To use: insert an Accelerator card into the Smart Tray to complete the activity and turn over the tray – if the pattern matches, the user is correct. The self-correcting nature of the tray promotes independent learning in a fun and interactive way that children love.

Early Accelerator Set 2 is ideal for pre-schoolers and/or children at the beginning stages of learning to read. Activities include:

• speaking and listening
• matching
• pattern recognition

Number Accelerator Set 2 is popular with children aged 6-8 (or advanced 5 year olds) to help them to develop key number skills. Activities include:

• counting, matching, visualising, predicting, ordering, place value, positioning and more than/less than

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